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What’s the Ultimate TV: iTV, Google TV, Kindle TV?

There is a lot of speculation (including teasers from Jobs and Cook) about how Apple will upend the TV experience with an iTV device – the same way it did for phones.  Whether that happens or not, the space is … Continue reading

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Forget FaceBook, what about Google’s mobile monetization strategy?

Ever since FB went public, there has been a lot of commentary on FB’s mobile monetization strategy (or lack of it). I think FB has good growth ahead (still doesn’t justify the $100B IPO valuation though!). Mobile has only increased … Continue reading

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InMobi doing $31M in monthly revenues?

InMobi, as most folks know is one of the few Indian start-ups that is evolving into a big MNC. The fact that they achieved this in 5yrs is incredible. InMobi has been posting really impressive growth figures. As per their … Continue reading

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Avenues for getting ~$1M funding in India

I am curious about opportunities to get funding in the $1M range for start-ups in India. 1. Most of the VCs in India seem to be interested only in deals over $2M. The average size seems to be $4M-5M. I … Continue reading

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Navigating through the Economic Blues

Like many other small to medium companies we are also being tested in the economic conditions – delayed payments, delayed sales decisions, delayed cash inflow. I would like to share some thoughts on how we can counter this situation. We … Continue reading

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Online and offline classifieds – Disconnect in traditional media

I have been thinking about this for sometime: All of us know, classifieds is big business. Both online and offline. In the offline world traditional media like newspapers are the big gorillas – they basically built the classifieds industry. In … Continue reading

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Content Aggregation sites in India: Legal problems ?

There have been quite a few content aggregation sites that have cropped up in the recent past – both in India and US., Yahoo Farechase, zoomtra for travel, Yahoo Jobsearch, bixee etc for jobs, spoteazy for electronics and there … Continue reading

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